Sarah Kate Textiles began in 2016, when i'd graduated from University and had completed a variation of print design placements in Central London.  It was after these placements when I decided I wanted to be my own boss and designer maker!

My work is inspired by my surroundings, nature, flowers and all things bright, bold and colourful! I create hand drawn unique surface pattern illustrations in a variation of eye-catching colours and patterns!

I begin my illustrations with basic free-flowing sketches without trying to think to much about what the final design will look like. More of a spontaneous illustration sketch aspect! I build my sketches up adding details to create the designs I had imagined from the start.

I then approach my amazing array of watercolours and select the colours that grab my instant attention. I am not shy of using bold bright colours and I think this is when my sketches come to life! I try to keep my colour selections in theme with my drawings but I do like to add one or two WOW accents to each surface pattern illustration, I just cant help myself!

With my finished Surface Patterns all sent off to be digitally printed I then decide which product each design is going to be used for. I have a selection of products in my shop ranging from Pocket Mirrors , Midi Clutches to Art Prints! All my products are hand designed, hand crafted and hand sewn!  

So I am here in my lovely cosy house , drawing, designing and painting away in order to produce bright and bold surface pattern prints to turn into accessories and interiors products for all you lovely people! 

'When you buy Handmade an actual person does a happy dance!' 

Thank you for supporting my small business and enormous dream! 

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